Solosetter: Le selfie

Solosetter Le Selfie

It’s official I’m crap at taking pictures, (tell me something I don’t know) and even worse at taking “the selfie”; le sigh. So it’s the solo travellers curse getting a mix between great location shots and pictures of you on location. So you’ve really only got 2 options. The first asking complete strangers “can you take a picture of me”. A dangerous strategy as your unsuspecting photographer, may be as bad as me! Or you may get lucky and bag yourself a real life photographer who stopped taking shots of a model painted in luminous green (#thatsweird); and thought I was a worthy candidate, long story. Apart from my droopy bottom lip they were the best shots of the holiday. Obviously, he was an actual photographer!

But the likelihood of that happening are slim, to none. So you have to adopt a better strategy and take matters into your own hands. Ah the selfie. Now for some reading you’re probably thinking what’s all the fuss about? Trained in lighting and angles and a master in makeup and choosing the right filter; look away now.

I keep telling myself I took photography at college , why am I so bad? No thought, gloriously terrible composition and 100 shots later, I still can’t work out why I can’t see all my burst images. Let Google be thy friend. I haven’t used the search bar as much as I have when researching how to get the perfect shot. If there is even such a thing. The vain Virgo in me over analyses, over thinks and by the time I’m looking back at my efforts, I’m thinking what the f**k is this?

So if you’re a novice like me here are my top tips to taking a good shot whilst your #solosetting around the world.

Get a good digital camera or in my case your iPhone. Does most shots pretty well and has great features and lots of editing Apps. Make sure they have a timer and camera switch setting so you have time to capture that perfect shot. But If you want to go a little more pro then start with the NX mini.

NX mini with 9mm lens

file (4).jpeg

“a good camera is like gold dust”

Get a travel tripod. You’ll be surprised how small and light weight they are. But more importantly it will become your best friend, it’s impossible to do it without one. Top tip, get one with an added spirit level and 360o swivel head. Oh and adjustable legs.

Ex-Pro Lightweight Travel Tripod - Spirit Level Suitable for All Digital Cameras

“my travel tripod made the difference”

If you remember one thing when taking your selfies, remember your light. Light is the key to taking wonderful shots, no amount of filters can substitute a well lit selfie. Also think about your composition, what’s in the frame and will it make a good shot. Paying attention to the details are vital. There’s nothing worse then snapping away, only to find your bra label has been hanging out, in every shot! The super trained would just hop on photoshop and edit it out. Or the baddie selfie taker, wouldn’t have made such a rookie mistake in the first place. Like I said it’s all about the details.

I’m always thinking what will look good and where I can take selfies whilst on holiday. I recently rented an air bnb apartment packed with character, but more importantly lots of great places to get selfies. Ladies and gentlemen, yes we’re here. Picking holiday rentals based on the quality of selfies I can take. Welcome to 2019 Rasheeda Graham. It’s a scary concept and a world I never thought I would be part of.

But after a recent conversation with my brother. Back story: Michael dates Millie, who has a jewellery line. Millie wants to stay anonymous, but interested parties want to know more. Now you see at heart I’m Millie, that was my philosophy. I wanted the least visible footprint on the internet and the thought of attaching my own picture sent me into a cold sweat. But this is 2019 baby! Everyone’s out there! My response. You ain’t Prince, only he could give me that pretentious mystery bullshit.

As I pay close attention to my fave, Rihanna’s brand Fenty Beauty. I realise although I’m not really that interested in make up, I am interested in her. You see she is her brand. She may be selling make up, and lots of it, but even for the non make up consumer like myself she has me interested. How can you articulate your passion for what you’re selling if you can’t see, hear, feel it, from me!

I hope that this article has helped you on your journey to becoming your own #solosetter and much better photographer than me. We’re not paid for any product recommendation, just here to help you on your journey to #livinglifetothefullest.

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