Salad and Flatbreads

Salad + Flatbreads


Salad ingredients:

01. Wild rocket 

02. Carrots

03. Cherry tomatoes 

04. Brussel sprouts

05. Lemon juice and zest

06. Olive oil

Salad directions:

01. Grate carrots 

02. Thinly slice brussel sprouts 

03. Mix salt, ground green pepper, oil and lemon juice until it emulsifies 

04. Place grated carrots, sprouts and rocket in large bowl, add lemon zest

05. Dress salad and mix well just before serving

Flat bread ingredients:

01. Plain flour 

02. Green peppercorns

03. Sea salt

04. Extra virgin olive oil

05. Cumin seeds 

 06. Fennel seeds

07. Curry power (hot)

08. Smoked paprika 

Flatbread directions:

01. Place dry spices, cumin and fennel seeds in a dry pan and roast on  medium heat for 5 mins 

02. Add spices to 150g flour 

03. Add 50 ml olive oil and water to bind, knees until smooth 

04. Roll out 1cm thick and cook in pan until golden

05. Lemon juice and zest

06. Olive oil

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