Plum + Crumble



01. Fresh plums 
02. Dark muscavado sugar 
03. Fresh tarragon 
04. Plain flour 
05. Salted butter 
06. Wild oats (large)


01. Half and de-seed plums 4-6 small plums
02. Place plums in pan add 250ml of water and 50g muscavado sugar 
03. Simmer on low heat and check if soft after 25 mins 
04. Gently remove plums from plan place on plate to cool 
05. Slowly remove the peel (should come away easily) 
06. Mix flour, sugar an 100g butter until breadcrumb texture 
07. Bake on a greased try for 12 mins at 160 
08. Reduce poaching juices by half, add a handful of tarragon and leave to cool 
09. Place plums in jar, add syrup (removing tarragon) and fill to the top with the crumble

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