Pancakes with blueberries and honey


01. 110g self raising flour

02. 2 large eggs

03. 200ml of milk 

04. 50g butter

05. 25-50g muscavado sugar (dependant on how sweet you like it)

06. Pinch of salt

07. Greek yogurt

08. Lemon zest and 1/4 lemon juice


01. Sift the flour, sugar and pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl with the sieve

02. Make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs and begin whisking the eggs 

03. When the mixture starts to thicken, gradually add small quantities of the milk

04. Whisk until the batter is smooth and all the flour is incorporated. Should be a thick custard consistency

05. In a hot small pan melt butter, put a couple tablespoons in batter and whisk in, the rest put in a bowl to use for each pancake

06. Put a large spoon of the batter in the middle of the pan in a large round circle, then leave until you see little bubbles forming on the surface

07. With a spatula gently flip and leave for 1 min 30 to cook on the other side. Make 3 or 4 or 5 😜

SERVING: Mix Greek yogurt with lemon juice and zest, serve with mint and blueberries. Add a touch of maple syrup if you’re feeling really naughty. Enjoy!

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