01. Small whole Sea Bream

02. Jersey Royal potatoes
03. Red onions
04. Green chilli
05. Shallots
06. French garlic
07. Fresh mint
08. Lime juice and zest
09. Olive oil
10. Sea salt
11. Chilli powder (medium)

12. Green peppercorns


The Fish

01. Wash fish thoroughly with cold water, get your fishmonger to remove any guts and descale
02. Mix crushed green peppercorns, crushed garlic, sea salt, chilli powder, olive oil, lime juice and zest until loose paste
03. Rub paste all over sea bream inside and out and leave to marinate for 1 hour minimum

04. Slice shallots thinly and place inside fish along with the mint leaves
05. Shallow fry sea bream (medium heat) in olive oil, 5 minutes on each side and then into a hot oven for an extra 8-12 minutes until cooked all the way through
06. Slice green chillies thinly and sprinkle on top along with pickled onions

The Chips

07. Slice Jersey Royal potatoes length way and boil for 12 minutes until soft, season with salt and pepper

08. Lightly fry potatoes in butter until golden on each side

The Pickle

09. Slice red onion (0.5cm thickness) and soak in red wine vinegar, add a pinch of sea salt and 1 tablespoon of olive oil for 10 minutes until lightly pickled

Top tip: Serve with a light green salad

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