Apricot + Crumble



01. Fresh apricots 
02. Dark muscavado sugar 50g 
03. Yellow sultanas 25g 
04. Plain flour 100g 
05. Salted butter 75g 

Use fresh apricots and bake in their own juices


01. Half and de-seed apricots 
02. Place apricots in roasting tin or small individual tins add 50ml of water and 50g muscavado sugar 
03. Sprinkle over sultanas 
04. Melt butter 
05. Mix flour, sugar an 100g butter until breadcrumb texture, add 15g of muscavado sugar and add to the top of the apricots 
06. Bake in a pre heated oven at 160° for 15 mins or until crumble is golden. 

Serving suggestion: Serve with natural Greek yogurt sweetened with a little honey and lemon zest or if you’re breaking all the rules the richest vanilla ice cream you can get your hands on!