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Who are we?



Born and raised in London I was fascinated with old movies in particular science fiction and westerns. I don’t know if it was my granny’s penchant for Clint or whether it was my need to transport to a galaxy far away.

Be Bold

But the magic of getting lost in my own imagination was something that became ingrained in me. A constant theme was strength and masculinity, which is funny as I’m quite a sensitive soul at heart. But I loved the edge, feel and arid landscapes that became synopses with both genres.

I studied at the University of Sussex and obtained my BA in Media and Communications and after a short spell of wanting to be a Spin Doctor (it was the early noughties), I completed a Masters in European Politics at Brunel University. Oddly my media and political career didn’t take off as I veered towards a completely different path, in charity and community investment work. But the need to realise my own personal dream of setting up my own brand still yearned inside me.

I was lucky that I had lots of memorable travelling experiences growing up. From trips visiting my granny in New York, to summers spent on the beach in Brittany.

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I didn’t realise how much I needed to roam and explore. Taste different cultures that would feed my soul. Whatever I did it had to encompass travel.

Be inspired

But I was obsessed with fashion too, which had been driven by my mum and my bestie Ama. If I’m honest it was Ama’s simple but chic style that really made me look at fashion differently. There was real beauty in the way she managed to put things together and completely different to the scraggy way most of my fellow uni comrades dressed. She made me pay attention to what I chose to wear and how I put things together. My love for simple pieces always had a masculine edge to them. There’s a real symbolism in looking strong and feeling strong.


Be Creative

I decided to specialise in only using pure fabrics and my travel range would be solely made using 100% cashmere, because it was the best way to actualise the loose yet angular silhouettes of my childhood obsession. Mixed with some innovative and creative travel products and continuing with my Freshly Made food range Myislandservice was born. I intend to continue pushing the boundaries for how we think and feel about travel.