This truly is my vision for how I imagine the world to be,or rather should be. A place for exploration,great food and endless opportunities to feed your soul.

It’s a brand entrenched in detail and layers, but somehow manages to encompass an #URBAN #MODERN #COOL feel that you can’t escape.



Launching my first collection #SHIPWRECKED has been a real labour of love for me. I wanted to start off with a few core pieces that makes travelling easier, an introduction to our travel revolution.


Our Freshly Made food hampers and catering service features the best of British food, made from scratch in our Bedfordshire kitchen.


MISLIFE is part of our online portal, a curation of our In Focus podcast featuring inspirational stories from real trend setters and our Solesetter blog series.

Born and raised in London I was fascinated with old movies in particular science fiction and westerns. I don’t know if it was my granny’s penchant for Clint or whether it was my need to transport to a galaxy far away.


But the magic of getting lost in my own imagination was something that became ingrained in me. A constant theme was strength and masculinity, which is funny as I’m quite a sensitive soul at heart. But I loved the edge, feel and arid landscapes that became synopses with both genres. Read more


Be a bad ass traveller with our Mini Traveller leather journal and Hassanna our cashmere travel scarf


I’ve spent the last 18 months creating the perfect cashmere travel scarf made in Nepal, it’s mixed with pure silk and feels as soft as butter. And I was able to transport my travel images onto real leather using the latest Eco UV printing technology. I wanted to create the ultimate travel journal; a timeless piece that you will treasure as much as the experiences, thoughts and goals you put in it.

Available online soon


Live life to the fullest! Be daring, adventurous and above all else a bad ass traveller.
— Rasheeda Graham